Churches Today Disagree

Man has divided the Church through doctrines and beliefs; Jesus Christ has and is uniting the Church continuously with his shed blood on the cross at Calvary,

Churches disagree on interpretations of bible scriptures, However, How many Churches agree that our Salvation and eternal life and the one who  stood and died, freely gave his life for all, AND ROSE 3 DAYS LATER to sit at the right hand of God and continues to stand for all sinners today?

How many Churches today deny this Number 1 fact God’s Holy word is centered on?

Where is the division now?  Not in the Holy Spirit! Only in flesh!

Unequally Yoked

The author at this page shares>>> There is somebody that God has ordained for you to be yoked with. There’s someone who’s called to help you pull your load. It’s important for you to know who are called to walk with you and whom you need to walk away from. If you get yoked up with the wrong person it can throw your walk off.Taken from


The Anchor Holds!

There is a battle over this website already and the Official product is days to weeks away,  Thank God for his Grace and Love over our lives, The Battle belongs to the Lord and the Anchor Holds! Amen